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I worked for a financial organization for 17 years and was living from paycheck to paycheck. I worked overtime to earn more money and unable to spend quality time with my family. I did not have much of a savings nor could I afford to put any money away in my childrens’ college fund. I became desperate and I knew in order to change my situation I had to do something different. I was not going to settle for the plan the government has for us: The “40 + 40 + 20” plan …..that’s working 40 hours a week for 40 years to retire on 20 % of your income.

After hearing an entrepreneur say one day on a talk show “when you work for someone you earn a living but when you work for yourself you earn a fortune.” I decided to find a home based business that I could do on my own time, be available for my family, be able to invest money for the future, and have a tax incentive.

I heard about GNLD through a friend and I became a wholesale user to get the products at a discount. Within a weeks time GNLD improved my family's health, especially my mother who had a severe case of arthritis. The fluid in her knee went away; she had no more pain and no longer required medication.

Astonishingly enough, the company I spent 17 years with merged with another company and my position was phased-out.

Thank God... I had GNLD!

GNLD changed our lives forever and our goal is to help other people reach optimal health like we have by sharing the products with everyone. We thank God for the wonderful GNLD products and business opportunity. Not only are we doing business nationally but as of 2004 our business has grown internationally.


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